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Search Engine Optimization

Having your business’s website on Page One of the search results for your target keywords is imperative for you business’s online success.

You can pay for instant results with ‘pay-per-click’ (PPC) advertising, however ranking organically (in the free results area) is the most important place for your website to be displayed. SEO is a long term strategy, but the benefits are sustainable and provide your business with free traffic for the long term.

Our approach to SEO

With the forever changing Google algorithm updates that effect how a website ranks in the search engines, it is critical that we keep a finger on the pulse as to what Google is preferring when to comes to SEO. AscentSEO has a experienced team that have been through multiple updates of the past three years, enabling us to have a very clear picture of what Google is wanting when it comes to making websites rank on Page One.

Our process starts with keyword research. We analyze your business, create a list of potential keywords, and then consult with you, the client. Once we have collectively decided on the keywords that you want your website to rank for, we will then run a report to benchmark where your business currently is placed with your keywords in the search results.

At this point, we will analyze every page of your website and make sure that it is well optimized, staying in line with the current Google guidelines. Then we will initialize a long term link building strategy customized to your business, that will start your website’s climb to Page One!


Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

On the right-hand side of each Google search engine page, and above the main listings, you will find Google Adwords. Yahoo and MSN also utilize PPC. This method is a very fast way to get targeted traffic to your website. Whichever search engine you are using, you can tell a PPC ad from the smaller size and the “sponsored listings” title underneath or above them. You only ever pay when someone clicks on your ad, which you get to write and decide how much you would like to pay for that click.

The most beneficial aspect of PPC advertising is we can set up conversion tracking. By activating this facility in your adwords campaign, we can find out what keywords are creating a conversion/sale, and which are not.

We have extensive experience in all areas of managing PPC campaigns at Ascent SEO. If you are new to PPC, or feel as if your campaign might be poorly managed due to non-relevant keyword choice/high cost per click, then contact us today. Our focus is always on increasing your bottom line. Small changes can mean big results.

At Ascent SEO we are constantly keeping up with “what’s hot” in the internet marketing world and we transfer that knowledge to you, our client.

We understand the importance of making sure every dollar is spent carefully and wisely when it comes to your marketing budget, so at Ascent SEO we have really focused on trying to keep SEO affordable, while still providing you, the client, with quality service and most importantly, results.

Google Places for Business

What Is Google Places for Business?

Listings on Google Places for Business are simply “local business listings” on Google.

Google Places business listings help people who live in your local area find your business on Google whenever they search online for local businesses. They also hold some of the top ranking positions on Page One in Google.

Now It’s Even Easier to Be Found on Google!

Search Engines now recognize that localization is a big factor in providing more relevant results to online searchers. Google therefore delivers the most relevant Google Places business listings first, prioritising them over other non-local organic rankings.

A Google places listing can be optimized the same as an organic listing can be, however this needs to be managed specifically for your Places listing to appear on Page One.


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