I have just finish on-page SEO for a client and the question was through the process “Does this stuff really work?” My reply was “Yes, getting our pages and site ready for the search engines is important so as the SERP’s can identify what each page is about”. The reason the question was asked was understandable.

When looking at the top ten results for the clients main keywords, I could see that some of the top ranking sites had no on-page SEO performed at all. These sites were also ranking higher than the sites with some On-page SEO.

Discussing this with the client of course the question above was asked. My reply was ” these sites are ranking higher than the other sites with some on-page performed, because of the relevant quality links pointing back to the site.” But we know that performing SEO always starts at the site.

So the on page was completed, the site has been re-indexed and guess what? For one of the keywords where my clients site was at position 10 in Google, is now at position 5. Several other phrases have also seen around a %40 increase in ranking.

So performing On-page SEO is definitely worth doing and should always be done. Now it’s time to start the link building strategy and monitor results. So watch this space!

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